Monday, March 2, 2009

Ta Da!!!!!!! I finally have a dress form to love.....

Isn't she pretty? I took my dd to the flea market yesterday and we got there late (around 3:00) and people were packing up! Yikes, we had to I found some great old books that I'll show in another post, a cute little jewelry box for $2, then we hurried into the other big room
and I saw her from a distance and made a beeline for her!
Her price tag said $48.....I thought that was cheap and reasonable, but still asked if he would take less for her. "How about $30?" He got her at an estate sale and believes she's probably from the 40's. I think he's right about that, even though there aren't any vendor marks on her.
Love the fabric covering her too, it very aged and has a lovely pattern, you probably can't tell from my less-than-great photos.

As I was carrying her to my car a lady saw me with her and shouted, "Wow, how much did you get her for?" I told her and she asked if I was a seamstress (not so much) or an artist? I said the latter, and she wanted to know if there were any more forms in there. Told her this was the only one I saw....I feel like I got so lucky!
I brought her home and cleaned the cobwebs off her and now am clearing a space in my studio to proudly display her. And she'll need a name, of course, so any ideas?
I'll post again soon with some other finds..........


Candy said...

Love your new bode!
I would also like to give you the Kreative Blogger award. If you would like to accept, please stop by and pick it up.
Congrats, Candy

Colleen said...

WOW!! What a steal of a deal. You got very lucky. I paid much more for mine and it's not nearly as nice as yours.

Love your many pretty things.

zoebabie said...

Hi Candy, you really got a good deal and i wish to see you post often please....i love to come by and read and see beautiful thinngs you bought.


cherished*vintage said...

Lucky girl!!! You scored! I love hearing stories like this. What a deal!!!