Saturday, June 30, 2012

Working on some new ribbons on this rainy Saturday.....

So we had big plans to go down to the Olympic Trials here on the U of O campus but the rain kept us away....absolutely crazy weather! But after seeing what some other parts of our country are going through, I'm grateful and happy! I've been working hard in my studio getting it organized as I have to do every year. It actually feels so good to do this...especially when it's all finished!
I'm getting ready to participate in the infamous "Where Bloggers Create" party hosted by Karen of "My Desert Cottage" fame.
The trick now is finding a sunny enough day before July 14th to photograph my space.
Hahahahaha! Sad but true!
I've pulled out my vintage Classroom Printer stamp set to create some new items for my etsy shop.....I love these old stamps beyond all reason and can't imagine ever getting rid of them. This set was gifted to me by a good friend,Cyndi, and for that I will always be grateful because if you've ever tried to find one of these special stamp sets you know that the cost can be crazy...I should say CRAZY!

Anyway, so far I have a bird ribbon and a nest ribbon.....more to come! And I'll be on the hunt soon for some wonderful new fabrics that I can make some special ribbons out of.
What have you done lately that's creative?
Please do share?
Oh, and lest I forget, if you haven't picked up the latest copy of Somerset Life then you're missing out! It's beyond fantastic!
Inspiring me no end.....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh my goodness, I must be losing my head!

Yes it's true, I'm feeling that urge....the urge to purge!
I've decided to pare down my doll head collection. Now those are words I never thought I'd say!

But here's the thing....I'm working on a studio re-do, organizational thingy.....and I'm purging lots of things that I thought, at one time, that I just had to have. And as I look around my studio I find that I just had too dad-gum much stuff!
Is dad-gum a word? Probably not but you get my drift.
So off it goes to my shop along with many other items still to come.
It feels really good to pare down and clean up and organize.
Big sigh of relief. Less clutter=more creativity!
At least for me.
What are your weeks plans?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Well hello and happy Saturday to you!

I've been busy creating after finding these fantastic "patriotic poppets" courtesy of one of my favorite online stores
and no, it's not just because the owner's name is Gale!
How can you resist these cuties?

I happened to have the vintage bingo cards on hand already, along with everything else used to make this banner.

I love this vintage patriotic wallpaper that I put on the back. This banner is now available in my Etsy shop....
and I'm currently working on another project using these little poppets so stay tuned.....she'll be listed in my shop later today.
Hope you all have a happy creating weekend!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Okay, so I changed my mind! A woman's perogative and all that...;)

So I just couldn't stay away! I found that there were actually some things that I wanted to share and I realized that instead of cutting myself off completely from blogging, because I really do enjoy it, I'll merely cut back on it this Summer....that is unless I change my mind again...hahahahaha! Call me crazy!

So I found this chest and it was a plain ugly brown color  and it was calling out to me saying, "Make me pretty...please?"

So I used some of my vintage wallpapers, vintage sheet music, and stamps for her makeover.....

Here's the back, just a mixture of some of my favorites!

This is actually quite a large chest standing 13 1/2" high!
I just listed her in my Etsy shop. Aren't her little porcelain knobs cute?
In other news, it's officially Summer vacation here starting today at noon! My dd is over the top excited for a fun relaxing Summer.
And so is her Mom.....I sure hope it works out that way...;).
Talk soon.......

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's time for a break.....a blog break

And I do hope you all have a great Summer! I have so many things calling for my attention right now that I'll be taking a wee break from this blog....I do hope you all have a wonderful Summer break and take some time to smell the roses. See you in the Fall...;).