Saturday, October 25, 2014

Selling what you wish you.....hadn't.......!

Let's face it, if you've been in the business of buying and selling antiques for enough years you'll eventually run into this situation.

Selling an item that-after the fact-you wish you hadn't.
It's just a given that this will happen at some point.
Case in point for me is this fabulous antique butterfly sewing basket from the victorian era. Why I let this one go I'll never know......the fact remains that I did. Probably won't find another one of these beauties....lesson learned.

Lucky for me I was shopping and found a lovely "replacement" in this heart shaped beauty............!!!!!!

It had the perfect amount of shabby...actually quite a bit of "shabby".

Of course I've added many of my own items even though this came with a lot of it's own favorite are the pretty reddish buttons on the card above in the upper pretty!

So yes, this one is a keeper for me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My latest keep or not to keep, that is the question.

I daresay that one of the hardest decisions for any collector is whether to keep or to sell...I run into this problem frequently.
I found this wonderful rustic box at my thrift and knew it could be spectacular and I adore it's size...not too big, not too small. I also love the chains on the side of the lid that help keep it open for display.....absolutely perfect. Also the leather corners and handle. Perfection!

Do you like my linen stash I found today? I was in heaven with these gorgeous pieces....again, keep or sell? Sigh, it's so hard to know.

Do you notice the wonderful little 'cubby' areas behind the big center area? So very perfect for storing so many things.

Found this astounding wallpaper on Etsy, wish I had 50 rolls of it! Hmmmm, wonder how many times I've said that in my life.

Well, happily at the moment we don't have room in our booth to display this awesome piece so I guess I'll have to live with it for awhile......such a sacrifice. Although I guess I could sell it on Etsy. What to do, what to do.

I painted the outside with a chalky blue paint and then distressed me it's better off than it was.....!
For now I love this great little trunk/box and will fill it with some of my favorite things.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Our photo wall is up thanks to my dh!!!!!!!

Went to the booth today with my dh and dd. He helped me fix my wall for prints and frames.....what a sweetie! The booth is set up, we're selling well every day so far.....and looking for a bigger space!
Fingers crossed that it will happen soon!
Did I forget to mention that we have a lot of stuff to sell?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

We're open for business~~~~!!!!!

A small sneaky peek into our new tiny space! This is the space on the right that we'll use for mostly holidays and some other items.

The center (and largest area) which will be for all miscellaneous and wonderful things.....

The doll dresser sold today (yay!). Had it in my Etsy for quite some time but surprisingly it didn't sell. Three days in the booth and it found a new home. Happy, happy!

This blank wall gave me grief today...I couldn't drive a nail in that wall as hard as I tried....wanted to make it our "print" wall.
Hopefully dh can help me out and make that work.
You can see our limitations.....a rest room on one side and an office room on another. Oh well, so far we've had three decent sales in as many days so that's a good sign.....right?
What matters is we're having fun. I think with the holidays coming up we'll have a blast finding fun items for the booth and with me making some fun things (from my lips to God's ears!)

And I have totally left out my photos of our "ledge" space above that has some fun suitcases, umbrellas, and other fun things.

Please excuse my less than stellar photos, I took these with my phone today because I forgot my camera.

Please come visit us at The Vintage Industry!
Kathy Colby has done wonders transforming it.
I'm looking forward to 'vegging' tonight and reading my Fall edition of Jeanne D' Arc Living....purchased at The Vintage Industry! So cool to find this gorgeous magazine locally.

Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Fall season so far!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

~~~~~~~~~~~The Vintage Industry Mall~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, it's happening and I'm so excited! My tiny space at The Vintage Industry should be open in the next few weeks.

This Mall has undergone a wonderful transformation in the last couple of months. It looks so fresh and full, I can't wait to get started! When I have my space set up I'll be sure to let you all know so you can find me in my little corner~~~happy, happy!

Monday, September 15, 2014

A huge birthday and some exciting news........!!

Our baby turned 14 on Saturday.....huh? So hard to believe...seems like just the other day we were filled with excitement driving up to Portland to pick up our angel.
You see, we adopted her at birth and it was just the very best day of our lives!
We spent her 14th (sigh) birthday up at Mt. St. Helens and the day was sunny and perfect. She's a happy and blessed girl and so are we....after all we have each other....:).
The exciting news is that I'm considering opening a booth in a local antique mall that is now being run by someone special. Many Portland gals will recognize the name of Colby Cottage.
That's right, Kathy Colby now is in charge of a mall named Vintage Industry and it's fabulous!!! I think I may need to jump in there and get my feet wet, and my sister is encouraging me and if all goes well she'll be my partner in crime! Look out!
Stay tuned, hopefully I'll have an update soon, my sis is visiting tomorrow and we'll be paying a visit to the mall....fingers crossed!

Friday, August 15, 2014

A flying road trip.......

So last Wednesday I got a call that I hope to never get again. My sis called me and said that my Dad had taken a very bad fall and was in the hospital. He had lost his balance while on a walk alone. A neighbor rushed him to the emergency room and checked him in. He's 83 years old and up until now has been very healthy....walks a LOT! My sis and I flew to Arizona right away (last Thursday) to help my brother who lives near him. He's doing great now, we were with him for an entire week and able to cook, clean, and generally see that he's back on the right path and feeling better (and thank God he is). While Dad was in the hospital we got some shopping in (of course we did!) The shops in his town were amazing and we only scratched the surface. After all, what would expect from a shop called "Snap-Snap"....awesomeness! We didn't even make it into any thrift shops and there were a lot....we kept going back to the antique stores because they rocked. Lots of pretty books.....what else, right?

This book on Scottish clans and tartans is amazing, there are even some little fabric samples in it.

A gorgeous hooked pillow that says "Rock of Ages" with a cross and some flowers. Some great vintage shoes from "Snap-Snap".

A vintage RED celluloid neckties box with a green silk interior that looks new, two gorgeous floral books.

I was happier than happy to scoop up all of these vintage velvet trims and ribbons.....perfect for Halloween crafting, right?

I love old labels, especially when they look like this! How pretty would these look in a bowl with some pinecones in the Fall?

A pretty, pretty wastebasket.

A wicker covered!

Two fantastic old hat boxes (I'll be keeping these). They make for great storage in my studio while looking pretty. One was $5, one was $7. And my sis got one also! We were happy!

This silver casket with pink silk lining won my heart....there's a name engraved on the top of it.

We weren't sure at all how we would get all of our goodies back home......! Our dad's friend gave us her very large and brand new rolling suitcase that she bought for her trip back to sweet of her! We packed it to the gills and checked it through (we had to take 3 different planes both going and coming back) and were just barely able to fill it completely with both of our many finds.
Even though this was NOT a pleasure trip, because our dad did so well and was discharged on Sunday it all worked out just fine.
We all spent some quality time together, and most importantly he's on the mend.
Make sure you check my etsy shop....many of these finds will be listed as soon as I'm rested!!!!! It's not fun getting up at 3 a.m. to catch a plane......we're a bit on the tired side.....:).