Saturday, July 18, 2009

Playboy's and bullets.....

O.K., so timing is everything....coming back from Target with my 8yo the other day I saw a sign for a yard sale so I zipped on over to check it out.
This was a very manly sale, stacks of old Playboy's and many boxes of bullets, tools, etc.
The only thing that caught my eye was this entire tablet filled with these adorable hall pass slips used by teacher's. The man told me that he had lots of paper goods earlier in the day (of course, early bird and all that). So I snatched up the last one he had for a quarter and went on my merry way, just thankful that my dd didn't ask, "Mom, why are there pictures of naked ladies on those magazines?"
Guess I dodged a bullet there (pun intended).
I hope you all have a great, junkin weekend, it's so hot here I'm not even sure I'll go outside at all!


Lori said...

those are great!!! i love when i find something unusual paper wise to use in collage!!!

melanie's all my favorite things said...

OMG!!!! Your antique book on ETSY is to die for...I really wish it was time for my birthday, I just LOVE it!!! and the hall passes, so very cool!
gotta love a manly garage sale!