Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Halloween countdown calendar.....

If you have little ones at home this is a fun project....well, I guess it's fun even if you don't have littles at home. I originally found this idea from the very talented Lori at yourself a favor and check out her blog! Like Lori, I got my little square images from lisa's altered art, she always seems to have the perfect images for lots of my projects! Then I went to Michael's to look for a tin sign, some little wood squares, and some little magnets to place on the back of my squares.
Then it was just a matter of cutting out and gluing on each image to a wood square, distressing each one, and gluing a magnet on the back of each one. I already had the orange blank bingo circles which worked perfectly for my days of the week and the numbers. I was lucky with my tin sign because it had the awesome white decor in each corner already...I just had to paint over the goofy "bar" type words that it had on it.
Then I used some copper color stickles to outline my days for some added interest.
The stickers are from crafty secrets, they make tons of really cute vintage images.
But most importantly, my dd loves this calendar! I made it for her because she loves to countdown the days to every holiday.....and it's something that she can pull out every year and enjoy.


Cat & Cricket said...

How fabulous! It reminds me of the advent calendars with the chocolates at Christmas! What a great idea!

Mud Pie Studio said...

Looks very similar to one I did in 2009...