Monday, July 18, 2011

A Cool and Rainy July?!!!!!!

It's craziness, I tell ya! We've had so much cool weather so far this Summer....I know, I know, quit complaining because some poor souls are burning hot with tons of humidity!
I've been busy creating and adding to my Etsy shop...the french style album above is new today.....


A lucky find, boxes of Dennison file folder today.
An adorable, very old child's trivet, new in my shop.

Very vintage wonderful old darning threads, new in my shop.

Shabby vintage wallpaper tags, new in my shop.

A darling old arithmetic book (my 10yo dd had to ask me what "arithmetic" is!) Yep, they don't call it that anymore! New in my shop...just click on my Etsy on my sidebar to be whisked away to my shop.....more coming later today! I do hope you all have a creative and wonderful week!


Rhonda said...

Ooh, I'm lovin' all of it. Gotta run to your shop.....

Rhonda said...

Oh, one more thing, I LOVE YOUR NEW BANNER. Is this new?

Aqua Junko Artworks said...

Love your work...just ran across your blog. I am one of those poor melting souls in North Carolina where temp has been in upper 90's & 100's most of July. Enjoy your cool weather!
Lori B.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Loving your gorgeous album and all the wonderful things you added in your shop! I would love some cool weather. We hit a high of 104 yesterday! Just too hot! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!