Sunday, September 18, 2011

A tiny out-of-town trip.......

I do hope you've all had a relaxing weekend! On Saturday I talked, o.k., forced dh to take me up to Salem for the Vintage Antique Faire being held at the Historic Deepwoods Estate....oh my goodness, this home and grounds are simply spectacular! We were lucky enough to get in on the last guided tour of the day and this home is so incredibly beautiful, inside and out. I love hearing the history of old homes, don't you?

Check out this darling gazebo....I made sure to take a few pictures just in case dh feels industrious some day and decides to build one for me....:).
I was so excited to attend this Vintage Faire because I've never been.....I was looking for an extra work table for my studio....

And as luck would have it, I found one! I'm sure I gasped when I saw it, can't remember now because it was all a fog...I approached the table and didn't see a sale tag on it, story of my life...the one item I really want is not for sale! But the table was butted up against a tree (did I mention this was an outdoor sale?) and as I walked around the back side of it I saw a price tag...couldn't quite believe my eyes, so I kept looking. $30, could that be right?

I loved everything about it, the cream colored bamboo detailing, the vintage wallpaper on the top, but mostly I loved the fact that the legs came off and we could fit it into our car to get it home!
It measures a perfect 3ft. by 3ft. square and about 32" tall, the perfect height for me to work on.

Some of the bamboo detailing up close....

One of my requirements for a table in my studio was that it be able to roll so I can easily move it out of the way or wherever I needed it to go, so dh put casters on it today. Rolls like a dream.
I know this table will be so handy in my studio.....I'm so lucky to have found the perfect one so quickly after deciding I really wanted one....I could have looked for months and not found the right table for me. I think the fact that the price tag on this baby was facing a tree so that no one could see it definitely worked in my favor!

I also found this beautiful wallpapered sewing box for a song! Prices were really reasonable at this event, I'll definitely be going again next year.

Signing off for now, hope you all have a wonderful week!


Vintage Market Place said...

oh Gail it is a dream come true.
what a wonderful functioning piece!

Rhonda said...

Your shopping angels were with you this day! That is one fantastic table.

Barbara Jean said...

I totally missed this, and need to get on their mailing list!!

barbara jean

PS enjoying my stroll through your blog and ETSY