Friday, December 2, 2011

It's been a funny day, ever have one of those?

I was struck tonight, while letting my dog outside into our front courtyard, how breathtakingly gorgeous it is outside tonight.....we had no clouds today even though the day started out very foggy and spooky this morning....then the sun came out but it's been VERY cold all day.
I looked up into the sky and saw the very favorite thing to spy in the night sky, always has been! And then seeing it through the bare branches of our redbud made it look otherworldly....
I was out raking leaves (we have a ton of them right now!) when the plumber drove up....once again a clogged kitchen drain....happens far too often, and $150 later (that's o.k., money grows on trees right?) I decided not to let that bother me.....too many far more important things to focus my time and energy on that a lowly drain....!
Tomorrow we'll put up our Christmas lights outside because I told my dh that we just need more light out there this time of year! The sooner the better, I say. As for the tree, that's going up later this year than normal because we leave our tree up through the epiphany in no need to rush.
I would like to get some decorations inside though, so that will probably happen this weekend too.
Hope you're all enjoying the season so far!


Vintage Market Place said...

A beautiful post Gail.
We are also have cold weather and it puts me in the most happy holiday kinda mood.
We just put up the tree and finished decorating the inside, we will head out later tonight in the cold as a family and hang the lights outside.
Have a great night

Blessed Serendipity said...

Have fun decorating this weekend and I hope you share pictures when you are finished. Sorry about the plumbing problems. A plumber once told me a little secret. Once or twice a month pour a little liquid bleach down the drain and let sit overnight. It will kill any roots that have made it into the pipes.


Rhonda said...

Hey, I have funny days all the time.

Just some weekend decorating and maybe some warm cookies out of the oven tonight. That's my plan!