Saturday, January 21, 2012

Etsy on a Saturday night~~~~~

beautiful reversible apron

amazing doll's dress

handsewn doll's slip

awesome french/english phrase book from 1800's

original 1940's dick and jane book

fantastic stenso lettering co. stencils

set of 5 jelly jars with angels and crowns.......

Most of these are new in my shop today, some will be added tomorrow.....I do hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.
Here in Oregon, we're busy building our Ark! We almost needed earplugs last night it rained so hard....;).


melanie said...

cute have a great ETSY shop!

Miss Gracie's House said...

HI Gail!
Great treasures! But what I really love is that sweet little Maggie Mae...her little face is adorable!

Gail said...

Thanks sweetie! You're the best! I love your new etsy shop too..

Gail said...

Thanks Rene,
I'm so smitten with her! I smile every time I look at her....enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Rhonda said...

The wind here was hit our bedroom window with a fury!

Lovin' the new etsy items, Gail!

Gail said...

Yes, we've got a very blustery day here today.....but I love the wind!

Miss Sandy said...

What delicious finds!