Monday, February 20, 2012

Just a simple question......?

What's happened to the magazine situation? Not only have magazines dwindled down to a few desirable ones, but they now cost upwards of $9.99 to $14.99 and up? I'm just venting here and not wanting to name names, but there sure aren't many desirable magazines out there to choose from.

I used to love so many that cost $4.99-$5.99, now the newer offerings are $9.99!

I'm just here to say that with gas at an all time high, food costs going up, how many of us can afford the extra $$$$ that these magazines are asking?

Tell me, do you splurge and buy them, or do you do like many others and just thumb through them in the bookstore without actually buying them?

Inquiring (aka nosy minds) want to know!


Shabbily By The Sea said...

I hear you.....i have stopped buying them i think it is unreal the amount they are charging in the current climate....there is a certain monthly magazine that is popular in the blogging community and i bought it once,it was not worth £15.00 plus p&p.
I get most of my joy now by reading my fellow bloggers,there are often nicer pictures and content.
Have a great day x

The Feathered Nest said...

I know what you mean Gail, I gotten to where I will totally look through a magazine first to see if it is worthy of the price. I have so many beautiful books and magazines, then we have blogs and Pinterest....if they don't measure up to my taste, it's hard to justify spending the money! xxoo, Dawn

Andy's Attic said...

I subscribe to the ones I really want to see every issue. I do splurge when on vacation as I just love to indulge myself and curl up with lots of fun things to look at. I agree about the prices. They seem rather rediculous for what you get sometimes.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I stopped buying magazines years ago. I love a good magazine, but I just hate spending the money on them. I figure I get plenty of inspiration online, but I do miss sitting in a cozy chair with a real paper magazine.

lala said...

I have just begun to notice the high prices on some magazines which I used to purchase regularly. Many of my gardening ones have gone up in price, and so have the "special" decorating ones. Quite a few times I have noticed that many of the special mags are really just a compilation of pics & articles I have seen before, so now I just look through them, but rarely purchase. Nowadays, blogs have become my magazines- and I spend hours reading them and being captivated by the amazing photography!!!

she dreams big! said...

I still get County Living but I don't know why. It has stayed the same price but after all of the ads, there doesn't seem to be much content. And nothing new or creative to spark me into a redecorating frenzy! The free online magazines are pretty but I miss turning the pages while sitting in my comfy chair. Changes - ya gotta go with the flow I guess.

Primitive Seasons said...

I have no subscriptions any more. Because they are so expensive I want to look first before purchasing. I find content lacking so much that I actually purchase very few. To get a "fix" I go in Barnes and Noble and sit on the bench in the magazine dept. and check the new ones out! Sad. I used to get so much inspiration.


Anonymous said...

I do think it's outrageous how high they've gotten, but as bad as I hate to admit it, I'm a magazine addict! If I had a dollar for every magazine I buy in a year, I would be a rich person!! There's nothing like thumbing through one in my own home...and "flipping through" magazines on a computer screen isn't the same. I sure wish we could get great ones going again that are cheaper, though!!