Monday, March 19, 2012

A brutally honest post~can someone please enlighten me?

Why is it that some blogs appear on your blogroll more than once? It's an innocent enough question but one that is coming from a place of annoyance. If I'm on your blogroll.......I SEE YOUR BLOG POST THE FIRST TIME!
Why oh why does it appear 2-3 days later? The SAME post?

I questioned a very well known blogger lately on this issue. I swear I was nice about it.....I never got a reply but MY reply did get deleted off of her comments. (And yes, she's no longer on my blog roll, not that she would care one whit about that, but I'm just sayin').

And I'm about to remove another very well known blogger for the same reason.....the thing is....well, it's just plain annoying.
It seems a bit too much in your face for me....however, I'm open to explanations.....anyone? Is it just me that finds this annoying? I just a bit too prickly for my own good?


Vintage Market Place said...

hmm, I don't know.
I can say I have never seen that.

If ya found out, I am dying to know what the reason is.


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Maybe if you go back and edit a blog post it might show up as being published again? That's the only thing I can think of. Sometimes I see multiple blog posts from one person with old ones showing up all in a row and wonder why. It's all a mystery to me.

kerrie of sea cottage said...

I have noticed this too...and it is a bit annoying to me too. I'm guessing that there is a button you can push to get your post to re-post???

Leaping Frog Design's said...

Not a clue..But would love to hear what you find out. Maybe it is something that is happening accidently and to un-follow them if they don't know why seems kinda unfair tho (sorry...just my opinion) It could just be a glitch in the system.

Gail said...

Well, upon further inspection it seems that it's possible to "program" your blog to post on certain dates, not just the date that you first post it.
I guess I would just wonder why someone would do that other than the stay on top of people's blog roll so they'll be sure to read it.
I guess some people feel the need to do that. I'm not sure why....:(.
Bugs me.

Rebecca said...

I'm totally CLUELESS and if it is EVER my blog that comes up more than once please tell me. I post ONCE and that is it. I wish I knew and I'm going to check back to see if anyone KNOWS THE ANSWER!


Petite Michelle Louise said...

hmmm..can't say as it's ever happened to me or htat I noticed it. Maybe when they "edit" a post and hit "publish" re-adds it to your reading list?? I hope not! yikes....i do that often! I'd be curious to know what you find out.

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I wondered too. No answers.

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Gail - it happens when blog owners go back to their previous post and change the time on the post (I don´t know how they do that)so that they can have their post to show up again as if it was a new post - hope this males sense :o)
You´re not the only one being annoiyed about this.

Andy's Attic said...

OMG I'm so glad you got an answer. I have not seen that and didn't have a clue!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Gail, usually it's because we're running a blog link party and we want to give everyone an opportunity to join in, OR someone might be hosting a give away for a sponsor and the host blog wants to give them maximum exposure. Personally it doesn't bother me because sometimes I DO miss a post from someone. As I host 2 weekly parties, I repost my party the next day also. Reposting multiple times for no reason can get somewhat questionable. But in other blog circles it's perfectly acceptable.
I don't think it's anything to get peeved over though, once you realize the reason.

Vintage Station said...

I've had it happen when I notice an error on my blog, correct it and repost it. Then it is a "new" post as far as blogger is concerned.