Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Like my new "kicks"?

Today our power was turned off at promptly 8:00 am and wasn't turned back on until 3:00 pm. No, not because we didn't pay our bill but because our power company was doing "tree work" in our neighborhood...so all I could do was take my dd to lunch and shop.....darn it!
I saw these cuties at DSW shoes on the clearance rack and thought they'd be the perfect shoe for Summer.

What do you think? With a pair of cuffed jeans and a white flowy top? These will be my beach shoes for sure....when I'm not wearing flip flops that is.
The original laces were a bright pink crochet lace and so I switched them out for these tea dyed ones that I made.
I think I may even go lighter eventually with an off white crochet lace.
Anyway, not bad for under $30 clams, right?
They also had them in a purple color....hmmm, may have to go back!