Saturday, June 29, 2013

A true "pickers" sale....a newbie at work...............

Was it hot Friday? Oh yes! It was hot! I found a country sale on the web that sounded worth going said "open until dark".
Need I say more?
I got dd ready and we set out, hoping to not run out of gas because this sale was out in the country and I didn't want to bother with getting gas. Who can be bothered with those trivial details?
We drove out and went down a gravel road. Then we saw a sign that said "Please close the gate behind you". Huh?
Dd jumped out of the car, all ready for the adventure...she did great. We proceeded down the gravel road and my eyes were in no way prepared for what they met.....acres and acres of....'Stuff'.
We didn't know where to begin. There were different areas with items segregated like 'glassware', 'Christmas', 'clothing', etc.

Unfortunately a lot of the items hadn't been protected very well from the elements so they weren't worth buying.

My dd was obsessed with this, not so much!

Creepy dolls that I passed're welcome!

A pretty sheet that I probably shouldn't have passed on....

Bought this patriotic pillow that hasn't fared too well with my washing......oh well, it was $1.

Don't know what this is.....
The fact is that we were there on a very hot day and there were bees everywhere! I lost sight of my dd and after calling her name a few times and her not answering I started to think of the movie "Deliverance".
Need I say more? I was in panic mode not hearing her answer me after calling her about 5 times.
There were so many trailers and barns and smaller dwellings on this property that I thought that we could totally disappear and no one would be able to trace our whereabouts since no one knew where we were going.....heck, WE didn't even know where we were going, or just how isolated it was.
Yes, I know, I've seen way too many scary movies.
But all was well and we left with a few items that made the trip worthwhile. But I still wonder about that lifestyle of those folks and what they do.
Where do they get all that 'stuff'? Most of it was under tarps to keep it from the rain but I was kind of afraid to uncover it for fear there may be a snake or two to be discovered!
A true picker's paradise, I guess!
Maybe I need a thicker skin?
Yep, I think so.


Vintage Market Place said...

Gail that sounds eerie and fun all in one.
I see the pickers show loving that place.
We had a place in Illinois like that it was barns and acres of land covered in junk. They just went and bought estates by the truck loads it was the family farm and the older mom and daughter team ran it all. They couldn't keep up on the take either and it was almost all ruined by the elements as well
But every once in awhile a treasure would appear. Sounds like an afternoon of adventure, just next time leave a note, lol

whimages said...

WOW! That certainly looks like fun! I bet you had a blast! Treasures galore!

Kathy said...

I have been a few places where my personal safety alarms started going off, too. This place looks like there was some real treasure to be found, though. Maybe you can round up a junking posse and try it again. Safety in numbers!