Thursday, August 22, 2013

The friends you make online~~~~

Before leaving on vacation I purchased some french trim from my friend Rhonda's awesome Etsy shop...her shop is so incredible and things of beauty are made by her talented hands. Seriously, this is one awesome artist! I had commented on her fabric strips with the wonderful images on them and lamenting the fact that I was too slow and someone else bought the one that she featured on her blog.

Swoon worthy canvas bag~~~this is what my goodies came in.

This is the gorgeous fabric strip with french images sewn's stunning! And Rhonda added it to my package because she's so sweet...she made one just for me.

This is the amazing french trim that I purchased from her shop, all wrapped up with a pretty metal tag.
Rhonda creates beauty with items that she's found in France and she is just ever so talented.
You will definitely want to check out her etsy shop......but you have to be really quick to purchase, do NOT hesitate or you'll miss out, that's how quickly her items sell!
She's a true blogging friend and one that I'm so glad I've met here online.
Thank you so much Rhonda, I love my goodies!

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

Merci, my friend for the lovely post.
You are the treasure here!!