Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy happy Sunday~~~~~~some progress

The studio is coming along.....never said I was gonna be quick about it...LOL!

Miss Sassy on the right is wearing her new silk and lace bonnet that I found at the flea today for $3....she's so happy now.

My best find of the week (well, of last week) was this beautiful wool area rug for my studio. I never thought I would find just the right one and truth be told this one is a bit large for my room. But I remained undaunted and simply folded one edge under my cabinets because it's not a super thick rug but oh the colors! It covers the floor and is oh so shabby chic! I was thrilled to find it.

They may have lost their heads but can still be pretty with pearls and flowers.........

I still have some more work in this room but it's already functioning so much better for me.
I'll be back soon to show some flea market treasures.


Annette said...

Things are looking good!! Glad you found such a great rug!!

Gail Thayer said...

Thanks Annette, I'm thrilled with my progress (as slow as it is!) and my rug both!

Rhonda said...

Take your time, Gail, you will feel better at the end of the day. I always rush and push myself way too much when I update my studio.

Lovin' what I see!!!

Kathy said...

Love love seeing all the treasures and creepy dolls! Congrats on the rug. It is beautiful and perfectly right for you.

Carol said...

Such an inspiring space. And Miss Sassy, your new hat is lovely. Thanks for sharing