Friday, July 28, 2017

Hello friends! I must admit I've forgotten how to blog so if this looks strange please forgive me, it's been a few years!
I do hope you've all been well and life is treating you kindly......I've been working in my studio (cleaning it unfortunately, not creating!) but it badly needed to be done. I'm getting rid of so much stuff, unfinished projects, supplies, etc.

Not too sure yet where I'll sell these goods because Etsy has surely been letting me down for at least the past two years. Too many changes, sigh, and not for the good.

I'll leave you with some current 'work-in-progress' photos and hope to re-connect with you all very soon!!


Rhonda said...

Yes, I agree, Etsy isn't the same. I closed my etsy shop in April, too much drama, the forums were full of complaints. I worked on my own website for months and I love selling again!

Glad to see you back!!

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RecycledRita said...

I feel the same about etsy....Ever since they let companies from places like China and Taiwan bring in the junk and copies of original vintage, The little sellers like you and I lost out on sales.

I am doing the same with most of my supplies and projects. I have a friend in an art group and have given much of my stuff to them but there is still so much more to go thru!

I'm glad I popped by your blog, I always enjoyed it!
Have a great Fall! karen....

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