Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't you just love.....

antique cookbooks? I don't have very many, but find that the one's put out by the old baking powder company's are so beautiful! This little book has a copyright of 1909, the graphics are just phenomenal....

In the back someone has written her favorite old-fashioned recipes, like Tomato Catsup....and pickled onions, yum?
She also put in clippings from a newspaper that she liked such as "Mistletoe Chocolate Cake" and "Mistletoe Frosting". I might even have to try this one :).

This next book I just picked up yesterday at my local thrift store....called "Anyone Can Bake".
It was put out by the Royal Baking Powder Co. in 1929. It sold for $1.50!

I just love this section on "The School Lunch Box"...charming. If you enlarge the pic you should be able to read it a little better..

I love the beautiful illustrations and the presentation of these desserts, look so yummy....
and this page of cakes below is so smudged, I know the cook's favorite page in this book!

Check out these pretty cakes and cupcakes.....I especially love the last two, the heart-shaped cake and the children's Merry-Go-Round Cake.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of these old cookbooks, they're just like a little "slice" of history.

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melanie's all my favorite things said...

the cook book is just adorable! And your pictures have turned out great...just love it!