Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inspiration from my best friend....

Thanks Mel for the beautiful inspired idea....you are SO creative. I wouldn't have thought of this idea on my own (in fact I wouldn't have bought the styrofoam cones in the first place!)
Of course I had to put my own "spin" on your idea by using paper on two of mine...now I just wish I had more cones to cover, will have to watch for more at the thrift stores.
They're perfect in my kitchen window, which I've had trouble decorating....the sill is narrow and most things won't fit on it, these however fit perfectly.

I could make a million of these, and no two would look alike....lovin' the idea my friend! 


zoe said...

Gosh so beautiful cones! I simply adore and love your creations so much:)
Have a fabu;ous week!


Lori said...

those are SO cute!!! they look adorable perched there on your windowsill:)