Friday, May 8, 2009

Is there such a thing as too much lace?

I went thrifting yesterday and went to a store that I normally don't have much luck at for finding anything I went back to their sewing section and saw bolts and bolts of different laces and trims.....after putting my eyes back in my head I checked the price......49 cents for each bolt!
So I grabbed this one....
and this one.....
the lace above was  just washed (I wash everything!)...
look at the red and green trim! Won't that be cool for Christmas crafts?

The picture below is of some more finds, old pipe stem cleaners, a little bird, and a very cute "Sorry" game from 1932.
I couldn't pass up this adorable music book...
or the book and huge clock below.
Gotta run because, believe it or not, I didn't buy all the lace there was at that shop and am gonna run back and hope the rest of it is still there!
Have a great weekend, and Happy Mother's Day!!!!!


Candy said...

Hope you made it in time. What a steal.
That is a cute vintage SORRY game...wooden pieces.

Enjoy, you did good!

Marie Reed said...

Lace heaven! You are a lucky duck!