Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vintage quilt thrift find!!!!!

I haven't bought a quilt in quite some time, just not something I've actively looked for....
I was in St. Vinnie's the other day and saw this one, it's twin size and sooooooo soft!
One of the flower petals has the fabric missing (I didn't even notice this when I bought it) and there's a small rip on one end of the quilt. Otherwise I was quite taken with the beautiful patterns of the it now lives on my dd's bed for the summer...she seems to love it.
Who wouldn't?
Oh, and the price was right at $35.


melanie's all my favorite things said... lovely is this???? If you ever tire of this quilt...I have room for it!
lovely pictures, too- really shows off the quilt.
I am jealous!!!

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh My!! What a stunning quilt!! I have never seen that pattern before. Just gorgeous!! Great deal you got on that one too!!!

backhomeagain said...

I'm on the hunt for a damaged vintage quilt to cut on. You are so lucky and I am officially jealous of your find. LOL Congratulations!