Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flat tires and injured pigeons.......

What? That was my Monday folks.....woke up to dh telling me, "We have an injured pigeon in the backyard so don't be alarmed." 
I leave the bird alone and take dd to get a workbook, that's right, a workbook that she was craving. Gaaaaah, it's the first week of summer vacation, what kind of a kid wants a workbook?
So she'll be entering 3rd grade in the Fall, I got her a 4th grade workbook and she's plowing through it........Gaaaaaaah again, should I make her stop in case she gets too far ahead?
Whatever, she enjoys it so I'll just go with the flow, because that's so NOT who I am.
So we're on the freeway and my car makes some weird noise and a light goes on, hmmmmm, what's that about?
We get to the store, come out, and I look at my rear passenger tire, it's flat, as in Flat Stanley flat. I look over and see a Les Swab, bingo..go over there, get tire changed, is it a Monday by chance?
I'm trying to find some time for my etsy shop (it's new you know :)) and the book pictured above will be listed soon, came back from Portland with many goodies, can't keep 'em all....
Hope you're all having a fun, warm, summery week so far!

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melanie's all my favorite things said...

wow...what a Monday...hope that Friday is so much better for you...find some good junque...that always makes me feel good!