Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Colby Cottage love.....

It's open ladies, and it's gorgeous in all it's shabby, chippy, worn- in spendor.....that's right, I'm talking about Colby Cottage here in Eugene. And I was the first customer to walk through their doors on Tuesday! (Not that I was anxious or anything:))
They had their "soft open" on Tuesday and it was so fun walking in and seeing all the beautiful vignettes that Kathy is so known for....I purchased the beautiful pillow above (it's huge, about 22x20 and filled with the squishiest down insert), the "perfect shade of pink velvet" jewelry case, and the oh-so-cool old shoe form.
I love it all.....and I'll be back tomorrow for their GRAND OPENING at 10am sharp...with a friend of course, because friends tell other friends about Colby Cottage.
Kathy has so many beauties for sale and the prices are very reasonable...happy, happy, happy.
So do yourself a favor, go grab your calendar right now and find a time to come check out this beautiful new store, you'll be so glad you did.
(And no, I promise she hasn't hired me to be her new personal agent or anything like that!)
BTW, the pillow I purchased did not come with that flower, it's one I already owned and decided that my pillow needed it, not that it's not gorgeous on it's own....because clearly it is.


Lori said...

pick me up next time you go Gail!!! you found some real treasures there!!!

Sharon said...

I am in N. Bend WA, can you give me a lift too. It is on my list next time I pass through Eugene. Sharon

Linda K said...

Me too, Me too! Yeah, I am out of the way a bit (!), but I am so fun on a road trip!

Linda K.

Gail said...

O.K. gals,
Maybe I can rent a bus (I was going to say a Van but we all know there just wouldn't be enough room for bodies and all the goodies that we'd purchase. So a bus it is then! said...

Gorgeous pillow! Suzie x

melanie's all my favorite things said...

hmmm...can I come too? Glad you got the pillow...something for me to steal when I come and stay!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Gail, What fabulous treasures you found! Love your blog & your etsy shop too, you are so very creative!
Thank you so much for leaving your lovely comment on my blog! It is so nice to meet you!
I’m so glad you stopped by and entered in my giveaway, Good Luck!
Hugs, Carol Anne

The Feathered Nest said... Gail!!! The pillow you bought is so gorgeous! I bet the shop is wonderful ~ and I know what you mean about taking a certain amount of money with you to the flea ~ I can get carried away myself! I hope your week is wonderful, xxoo, Dawn

Barb said...

Hi Gail.
So, you are in Eugene?
Me too.
What flea market did you go to?

Love Kathy's style, and know her store is wonderful, just have not made it by yet.
Love how her whole family is part of it.

Blessings on your day.

Maybe see you at Kathy's.

barbara jean