Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The time is drawing near, and I can't wait!!!!!!

My darling daughter and I will be heading north on Friday morning to see Melanie at her darling shop, All My Favorite Things, then we'll all head over to Monticello for the big sale that starts on Friday morning....I'm beyond excited to have a great day with my daughter and my best friend both..... what could be better? 
I'll try to take lots of pictures for those of you who can't get to Monticello....it's superb! As is Melanie's shop, I'm making her a Halloween coffee filter banner to put in her window for the "wicked season".
Did I say "I can't wait" yet?
BTW, the pretty clock above was just listed in my Etsy today.....


Lori said...

sounds like fun to me:) have lots of fun Gail...love the clock!!!

Itch2stitch.com said...

Have wonderful time, and yes please, lots of pics! Suzie. xxx

Tracey said...

What could be better than time with your daughter and best friend?! Hope it was pure delight for you:)