Sunday, October 11, 2009

Witch boots, haunted mantel, and a ledger....

Aren't these boots just the "witchiest"? Thank you Etsy.....where all things cool can be found.
I've been really busy decorating the house for Halloween, or as my dd calls it, "Hallowed Halloween", she just loves it to pieces!! She's going as a bee keeper this you ever get tired of going to the stores and seeing the same old costumes, year after year? Well, that's where I'm at this year, really needed something a bit more "out there" and clever. So hopefully she'll be the only bee keeper at her school parade. Trying to find the bees is a bit tricky this time of year though, so I had to go online, but found some today so will anxiously await them and then start applying them to her costume.
Found this ledger on ebay, I really do need an intervention when it comes to these....I adore them! This one is large and just stunning with cool writing least it wasn't expensive so I can't feel guilty for "winning" it.

It's been beautiful weather here, sunny but getting cold, 28 degrees tonight! Love it that way.
My big project this week is cleaning my studio.......again :(. Wish I had magic fairies to keep it clean, I really do.
Hope you all have a great week, and happy creating :)).

5 comments: said...

What a good idea, a bee keeper! Love the ledger too and the boots! Suzie. xxx

Lori said...

those are very witchy boots...what a great find...a bee keeper sounds like a really cute and original costume...i am pretty sure your dd will be the only one...what a cute idea!!!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Gail,

I love, love those boots! Where's the broom? hehe

I, too, love those old ledgers! The covers are so neat and it's always so magical to open them to discover what type of entries have been made.

Have a great day,

Tracey said...

A bee keeper, I absolutely love the creativity of that idea! Good for you...I need to put my thinking cap on for my kid's costumes!

:) T

Dayna Collins said...

The boots are glorious! The ledger is spectacular. I can see we like the same things!