Friday, December 18, 2009

What is it about creating something?

It's just that feeling that you've done something that satisfies your've accomplished something, something that isn't cleaning the kitchen, or finishing your laundry. After all, anyone can do that. Now I know creating a banner isn't rocket science, but what makes it fun is that you use the unique supplies that you have so that it's original...I'm big on that.
To create something is to take stock of your supplies and to reach inside and think of what would make you happy to look at.......something you can keep.....or to give to someone else.

I purchased these photo holders on Etsy......just love them for their possibilities. Right now they are holding Christmas images, but I've just slipped them in, so when Christmas is over I can change the images to whatever I want. So it's essentially a one-of-a-kind banner. I added the stars (also purchased on etsy). These are the kinds of things I like to create for my home because they're unique....I'll just bet no one else on my street has a banner like mine, and I love the thought of that!
I'm making a lot of gifts for friends and relatives this year as Christmas presents, what about you?


Jamie said...

This is beautiful!!!! Sooooo smart to make the banner so you can change out the images. Brillant!! Happy Holidays Sweetie! Love, Jamie

Barbara Jean said...

Love those photo holders and how you have done them up for Christmas.

Are you going to share your source?

blessings and smiles

Barbara jean