Monday, April 5, 2010

Not something I normally do but I highly recommend it....

joining a bookclub, that is.....I joined Homestyle Books because they just happened to have a whole slew of books that I've had my eye those above. The one I want the most won't ship until a few days from now (the new Where Women Create book). Can't wait to get my mitts on that one, those are my favorite books.
I also ordered The Well-Dressed Home (I believe by Annette Tatum?) That one looks fabulous too. And the new French General book called Treasured Notions, well what can I say about that one? Her books are all pure eye candy! Who hasn't dreamed about seeing her store?
Meanwhile I'm just working on a few projects here at home like trying to decide which two are the perfect buttons for the baby slip above....might take me about an hour to figure that one out!:)
Also putting away the last of my Easter decor, I hope you all had a nice holiday...ours was great!
Made some blueberry pancakes, went to church, had lunch and drinks, made a fab Easter dinner, more drinks, fire in the fireplace, played name that tune from itunes......just an all around relaxing and fun day.
Hope yours was the same!

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Lori said...

Gail, you are a very bad girl...LOL...i have joined book clubs before and it turned out to be a pain in my youknowwhat...i always forgot to reply about the featured book...and ended up with books i didn't want, or i had to make frequent trips to the PO to return unwanted books...of course, i wasn't getting all of these wonderful are tempting me girl!!!