Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thrifting vs. Antiquing...........

Well, I love them both but must confess to doing a lot more thrifting for the obvious reasons...$$$$$$!
You can come away with so much more for your money when you go thrifting, which is a great feeling.
But every once in a while I do love to hit the antique stores, we have some locally that have very reasonable prices.....plus some of the antique vendors have such great display ideas.
Here are a couple of lovelies that I found today.
The first item is the front of one of those really cool velvet victorian photo albums that stand up. Of course it's just the front cover, but because it has these two really cool hooks right on the front of it I think it could make a really cool necklace or bracelet holder.
The other item is perhaps the coolest box I've ever seen....tattered ribbon and all. I have no idea what it may have been for, do you? It's fun to wonder, isn't it? I'll have to think of something special to put in it.
Hope you're all doing well at this super busy time of year...school's out for us next week, can't wait!
Gotta run, dd has her first softball game tonight....finally. We've had so much rain that the games kept getting postponed!
Hope you all have a marvelous rest of the week :)


Lori said...

oh, Gail!!! that box is tfd!!! i love the ribbons, and the image is so beautiful...what a lovely find...yes, i prefer thrifting too...but the thrift shops here are usually just full of junk...not the more desirable "junque"...huge difference...

sweetpea said...

love the photo album front. saw it in your studio and had to find out about it. very cool.