Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My newest project.....wish me luck!

So I bought this gorgeous french jewelry/vanity box from a lovely seller on Etsy..it's pretty, right?
Until you open it! Then it's like a house of horrors! Oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into?
Now in fairness to the lovely seller, I did request some good photos of the inside before purchasing....
Because I know these boxes can be in various states of disrepair, and rarely are they perfect.
Some of these trims I already owned, the velvet I bought today at the thrift...wish me luck with this particular makeover...please! It will be that fine line to make it look truly "old" and vintage when I'm finished with it. I'll be sure to post pics when I'm done.
What projects are you working on right now?


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

What a gorgeous jewelry box! I can't wait to see how you fix up the inside!! It's lovely!

My Shabby Roses said...

What a beautiful jewelry box! You are more ambitious then I am I'd of probably left it the way it was! Can't wait to see it finished.

Rhonda said...

You can do it, Gail. Take your time and maybe refer to google to see anyone else tried to do this. Wow, I'm impressed but I can see why you would want it.

My current projects are stacked up near my work table...if only I had more time.

Hey - I mention you tonight on my blog. Your package is being admired by everyone who comes over.

A Treasured Past said...

The box is gorgeous and the velvet is the perfect colour :) Tamara

Fete et Fleur said...

It's really beautiful! You have a good eye. This is very much worth restoring.I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Good Luck!

Sandi said...

Can't wait to see this when it's done.