Friday, March 11, 2011

My studio closet makeover.....

I finally got around to solving a small "problem" in my studio... see, everytime we needed to access something in the closets in there it was a problem.  Apparently someone in our house has issues with buying too much stuff....I'm not naming names, I'm just sayin'....anyhoo, they were bifold doors, and actually very nice ones, you know the old heavy kind. 
But we got tired of having to move several things out of the way to get into the closets soooooooo,
I had the grand idea of moving the drapes (aka Simply Shabby Chic shower curtains) off the windows where they're not really needed anyway and placing them across the room where they are!! Don't they look happy in their new home? 
I love my little thrift store chair that I got for $35 but she may be moving to make way for my favorite dressform......stay tuned, big changes coming to my studio.

On a more serious note, let's all send up some prayers for the poor folks in Japan, what devastation going on there right now. We used to live in Taiwan and I well remember earthquakes and typhoons on a regular basis (although certainly nothing of this magnitude). Prayers to them all.....


The Genesis Emporium said...

I love that look. I did this once with a quilt over a laundry area that had bifold doors and it works great and adds a lot of zip and room.

Good job! and I like the chair, too.

Amy said...

Normally I do not like the look of drapes on doors but this is Beautiful!!!
Looks so amazing and I am sure it is so much easier to look for things now.

Yes I learned of the news in Japan very late today. It is just jaw dropping to see that footage.

melanie said...

lovely lovely lovely...

Cat & Cricket said...

This looks way too cozy!!!
Love it!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Gail Thayer said...

Ha! Thanks Cricket, interestingly that's what my dh said too!

Claudia said...

I have that same shower curtain. I eventually cut it up to make a skirt for my sewing machine table!

It looks great, Gail. Love that chair, too.


Rhonda said...

Okay Gail, I'm glad I read this post here at home because I laughted so loud. You are hilarious, I mean it.

You take words right out of my mouth, I too have way too many supplies and I am constantly organizing.

Your studio looks so inviting and cozy. That chair is amazing! Now I want one, see what you do to me? I could picture you reading a Somerset issue in that chair.

Thank you for the chuckle because I've been glued to CNN since Friday 6:00am. Yesterday I took a break and organized and created. It is so sad and to think it's winter and cold on top of it all.

You are the best!