Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When you have no expectations at all...........

you can't be disappointed, right? I had to run an errand at Target today and since it was near a thrift store I decided to run in because I haven't been there for a few months. The first thing I found was this set of very old paper tablecloth and napkins for..............$1.
Pretty, pretty napkin....I'll use these in some collages or some of my other paper arts, they're too pretty not to use. I'm so jealous that "back in the day" people had choices like this when they went to the store to buy party items~
A pretty frame in a great shade, not quite cream, not quite grey, just in between.
Pretty details
My favorite find was this chippy white folding chair with really old's very sturdy and only has one panel (the one in the picture above...on the left) that is lifting up a bit....I care not.
LOVE old decals.........:)
Cool old hardware that's a bit rusty....ok, a lot rusty.
Love this paint effect
These lovely pillowcases I've had for a long while, it's time to let them go....they're in my shop.
As is this single pillowcase
and this cutie.....
and this.........
and this.....LOVING this colander, it's a really old and heavy one.  I almost hope it doesn't sell!

I'm working on taking down some old bi-fold closet doors in my's going to take another trip to the store before I can claim victory on that one but as soon as that projects finished I'll post some pictures. Hope you're all having a productive and fun week....:)

Til next time


Amy said...

great score!
I love love love that single pillowcase!
headed to your shop...

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Great finds, Gail! I especially love the frame and the chair.

craftymarta said...

SCORE! It is all beautiful. Wish thrift shops around here were like that. What about dirty clothes and stinky shoes? Yard sales are no better, I almost take offense when they asked me if find my stuff @ yard sales . I'm relying on other shops for quality, you make less of a profit but the costumers appreciate the good stuff.

melanie said... pretty...such great finds...
can't wait til we can shop together...

Cheryl said...

WOW! Great finds,
I especially love the chair!
Have a wonderful weekend!!