Thursday, November 17, 2011

Never say never!!!!!!!

Hello my friends!

Two new listings today in my shop, items I vowed never to get rid of....what's up with that?
Why am I changing my mind? Don't really know, other than the fact that I always see "new" old things I have to have and still need to be able to have a path to walk through my house, ya know?

Actually, I'm proud of myself for opening my Etsy and selling my items that I no longer feel the need to hang onto. It helps to de-clutter, while at the same time giving me a good excuse to buy more!
Hahahaha, sounds like I have a problem, right? Please tell me you have the same one....:).
I'd hate to feel all alone in my addiction!


Vintage Market Place said...

you are so not alone ;)
I am really trying the purge without the binge right now, lol
I agree, never ever say never.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

it's a "sisterhood" that i'm part of too! you are soo not alone! ;)

Robyn @ Robyn's Nest said...

Count me in sister. I originally opened my Etsy shop for the very same reason.

Kathy said...

getting in line, purging had been a part of my life for a few months now, still at it...selling treasures I have grown tired of and hearing how the new owners love them, is priceless. Feels good for me now, can always buy more if I desire. lol