Friday, November 11, 2011

New in my Etsy.......

It's really hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit this early in the season, but being in retail for as many years as I was.....I understand the importance. So here I go, listing Christmas items in my Etsy for those early buyers? Are you an early buyer or do you wait?
Some lament the "forgotten" holiday, Thanksgiving.
I'm not doing that this year, I love Thanksgiving and all it stands for. But I'll also try to please those who love to buy early for Christmas....and for a lot of people this isn't even early! They've been buying gifts for awhile now. Suffice it to say, I'm not one of those people!
And that's o.k., to each his own.....for me I'm going to try to have a very relaxing holiday season......
How about you?


Robyn @ Robyn's Nest said...

Sooo cute! Love your creativity. Robyn

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh Gail I love your enchanting skate ornament just saw it on Pinterest and had to come here to tell you and the filled glass baubles are very pretty too!
Well I'm glad that we don't celebrate Thanks Giving here the way you do it in the US (it's already in October here and the country people celebrate it outside with village feasts), so from November on we can fully concentrate on preparing for Christmas. It's really cold here now and that totally brings me in a Christmassy spirit. I'm all for a relaxed holiday season though!
Warmest wishes from Germany sends you

Rhonda said...

These are adorable, Gail. I know what you mean, though, it feels too early but really it isn't.

I'm not one of those people, either. If I'm not out running around last minute during December, it's just not Christmas to me. lol

Vicki said...

I love the ornie with the tree inside. We make lots of these homemade ornaments each year. This is truly a great idea.