Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rosary print, french strainer, cigar box, anagrams...

It's been a great day so far, and it's not over yet! I decided to do some shopping today and boy did I get lucky! I found a new haunt (yes, you can ask but I won't tell anyone where it is!) I found this beautiful print (it reminds me of Rachel Ashwell).

Stunning right? Can't wait to hang a prized rosary around it....

Never ever pass up an old package of dennison crepe paper!
(In my etsy shop right now)

A very cool embossed anagrams game
(in my etsy shop right now)

A shabby and oh-so-cool cigar box
(in my etsy shop right now)

Most of my casual acquaintances have no idea what a vintage office geek I finding this book was pure serendipity!
You should see the ads inside of it....

The clipper clip? I'll take 20 boxes please!

Ditto for both of these items please!

Oh my goodness, are you kidding me? Yes, please and thank you!!!

Yet more to love, keep it coming! This doesn't even scratch the surface of what these lucky people had to choose from back in the day!

This was a happy Goodwill find.....usually they don't have items this old in my Goodwill's
(in my etsy shop soon)

And if you're still with me...this beauty (found at my new haunt) that was made in France...a wonderful french strainer.

It collapses down for storage, the handle folds in, and it's beyond wonderful....
(soon to be in my etsy shop).
If you're still with me, you're to be commended! And I thank you.
Tomorrow my dd goes for an overnight field trip with her class (her first ever) so I'm saying my prayers now! I do hope she has an exceptional time....somehow I know she will. As for me and my dh, we're having a date night. There were opportunities to volunteer to go and be a chaperone (oh, make sure you bring your sleeping bag because that's what you sleep in!) I declined gracefully, and am putting my faith in my dd that she can handle this on her own.
I don't want to be one of those "helicopter" parents who have to oversee each and every detail....I say let them live their lives and make their own way.....!!


Vintage Market Place said...

Good decision Gail.
There is no way I would ever sleep in a sleeping bag, lol

I am sure she will have tons of fun.

I found a set of those anagrams back home at an auction. It was a lot auction and they tossed it in with another guys stuff, I went over gave the guy a $1 and he let me have it :)

Kathy said...

Great finds and kudos to you for the the helecoper comment - not easy but the right thing, for sure!

Andy's Attic said...

Now I see why you and Melanie get along so well...vintage office stuff. Love your finds. Want to share you new haunt with an out of towner????
:>) Annette