Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I so want one of these.......

Are you like me? Do you get an idea in your head for something you want and can't let go? Do you dream about it at night? Do you look at photos of it on your ipad into the wee hours when you should be sleeping?
If so, welcome!
I'm talking here about the incredible machine that is the Singer Featherweight.....I MUST have one! Why you ask?
Well, every once in awhile I long to put some stitches into something I'm making.....and I want something that's dependable and portable. And this machine is both. Of course they come with a hefty price tag which I'm not willing to pay so I will search and search and search for my pearl.....wish me luck.
And if any of you lucky women have one of these machines please let me know what you love about it......! And just for the record I would take it in any color......must.have.one!


Vintage Market Place said...

Lol gail. You know i am soooooo like that!!!!
Here is to finding your dream machine :)

Blessed Serendipity said...

Hi Gail,
I own one and it's in white too. I love it because instead of hauling out the big machine this one is so portable and easy to use and works like a dream if all you desire is a straight stitch. I looked and looked for one in my price range too and patience paid off when I found one off ebay I could afford. When you find one, make sure it has the bobbin holder because that little part is quite expensive. Good luck and hope you get some sleep tonight. :)


Rhonda said...

LOL Gail, I am SO like you! I take my Kindle to bed and search Pinterest, Etsy...I have no shame. It's a good thing these devices turn themselves off, right?

Good luck finding your little Singer, it's a beauty! I sure hope you didn't plant a seed...LOL