Friday, August 3, 2012

Have I completely and utterly lost my mind?

So my dh gave me the most wonderful birthday gift (hint, it's not this cool cabinet!) He gave me his BAD cold so I've been down with it all week....just itching to get out of the house I ventured out this a.m. with dd in tow to do a wee bit of shopping and have a girls lunch, just she and I (her and me?)....whatever.

And I spied this super cool cabinet! It has soooo many little cubbies inside it's was for manicure type tools like scissors, clippers, and my personal fave....the mustache scissors!
I grabbed it with the intention of covering it with wallpaper (shocking I know) but decided to list it in my shop and see what transpires.....if some lucky soul grabs it then I'll probably cry and always think of it as the one that got away.

However, if it doesn't sell quickly enough I'm going to have my way with her and put her in my studio.....I know she would work really hard for me for many years to come.
Have a fabulous weekend friends, and thanks to all of you who wished me such a happy birthday! With the exception of one gift in particular it was simply FAB!


Vintage Market Place said...

oh what a good husband, lol.

You know that cabinet will be snatched up in no time. Anything with cubbies doesn't last long.

Get well soon.

Rhonda said...

I'm surprised it's still in your shop, it's amazing!

Hope you feel better. xo Rhonda

Kathy said...

Oh, I like that idea. Put it in the shop for a while to do your due diligence and if it doesn't sell then it is meant to be with you. Great stretegy!

Andy's Attic said...

Yuk...hate colds! The cabinet is wonderbosa! Hope you get to keep it.