Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A most thoughtful friend~~~~~~~~

A while back a blogging friend was lamenting the fact that she doesn't have many thrift stores where she lives....she was looking for something specific.

She was looking for embroidery hoops. I thought, "Wow, I see those each and every time I go thrifting....they're everywhere".

So the next time I went thrifting I picked some up for her....and she was sweet enough to make me one of her oh-so-beautiful dream catchers! Using an embroidery hoop, of course!

Now Amy and I have been blogging friends for awhile now and she has the most creative mind. She just sees vision in the most ordinary of the lowly embroidery hoop.
Amy, I can't thank you enough, I love owning a work of art made by your own talented hands.
If you're lucky my friends you can own one too. Amy has a beautiful Etsy shop and you can access it from her blog right here.
Go ahead, click on my link, you'll be so glad you did!
Thank you my friend!


Vintage Market Place said...

Gail I am so thrilled that it made it to you safe and sound. Your pictures are so amazing of the tails blowing outside!

PS my etsy won't have any dream catchers for a bit because of my upcoming shows :)

Super heartfelt thanks for everything!!

Rhonda said...

I adore Amy and her beautiful creations. Oh, lucky you, that dream catcher is gorgeous and so uniquely Amy.