Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Family is everything..................!

Totally blessed to have my sister and her sweet dh staying with us for a few days..........here is Katherine helping her Uncle try to figure out the best new campground for them to stay at when they leave here........me? I'm feeling slightly (o.k., totally depressed!) that they're gone.
The good news? They'll be back in October. I'm counting down the days.......we had so much fun with them! My goal is to find them a new home here so that when they come back they won't be able to resist moving here....:).
The fact is that I've NEVER had an adult sibling who lives near me throughout my adult life.....I've always envied my friends who have their family near. I'm not one of those people and I do hope they know how lucky they are.
We had all kinds of freaky things happen while they were here....our huge tree in our front yard lost a huge limb and today (my relatives last day here) they got to see a real huge tree come down. It was scary and sad. But the tree was dangerous so we'll put in a safer, smaller tree.

Can't wait til they visit us next month!
School starts tomorrow for my dd, Disneyland visit next week, lots of stuff happening here!
Bring on Fall!


Vintage Market Place said...

so true Gail.
I too wish we had family nearby. My whole family still lives relatively close to each other, while I am the only one way out here. So I get what you are saying and it is hard to let them leave when the do come to visit. I hope you get your dreams of them coming to live nearby.
Take care.

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