Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just when I wasn't sure what I'd post about next~~~~~~

I received this lovely bundle in my mail today~~~~~

Now we all know that there are many lovely shops on Etsy.....many, many of them. But surely we all have our favorites, right? I know I do....I stalk  shop some of them daily.....

But my lovely friend Noel at redstripevintage 
truly has some of the most delectable french goods in her store.
They're hard to resist.
And when I received my package today I was so blown away with her care of packaging and presentation of her wares.

This spectacular crochet trim had to come home to me, but Noel surely did not have to package it as brilliantly as she did.
The lovely 'Hot Rolls' wrap and the pretty red and white striped ribbon.....all are reasons I love to spend my money with those who really care and have such pride in what they do and how they present themselves, their shops, etc.
It speaks volumes, and is just so much more enjoyable than running down to the Mall and finding nothing but mass produced merchandise.
No, no, thank you very much!
So do yourself a huge favor and go check out Noel's lovelier than lovely'll be so glad you did!


Kathy said...

Things like this are what make Etsy such a special place!

Gail Thayer said...


So very true. It makes buying there a joy!

Andy's Attic said...

I will check her out!

Rhonda said...

I wanted to purchase that from her shop. Too funny. Isn't she absolutely amazing? I received this week an order from her and I was blown away with how she packaged it. The presentation was unbelievably gorgeous. I immediately told her so and everything you say is so true about sellers caring. So true.