Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Channeling my inner 'Sibella'.........and some new Etsy goods!

Hit my fave antique mall today....and I was well rewarded.
I've long been a fan of vintage fabric covered trunk drawers...my favorite booth had 3 of them, all the same fabric and all for....well, let's just say a very good price. So happy. 

See that set of tiny red leather Shakespeare books? Found those the other day, a very happy find. They're in my Etsy.

I love the 'watered roses' effect of this fabric....love.

Yep, here's another one in my foyer.....love.

This one is in my studio, waiting to be placed....soon.

This beautiful spun glass angel tree topper? In my Etsy.

This gorgeous pink shabby ornament? In my Etsy.

This awesome 140 year old book on phrenology? In my Etsy.
I've had a very busy week and it's only Tuesday....whew!
My dear sis and her husband are due to arrive Friday and we may be spending the day in Portland on Sunday....fingers crossed!
Hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving and are getting into the festive Christmas spirit right about....NOW!


Kathy said...

Any box + floral paper = awesome!! Love that pink ornament, too. High five!

Annette said...