Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Seriously........? Still?

Old Man Winter certainly has his grip on us.

This madness started last Friday....the first "snow day"....
no school and my daughter hasn't had school since then.

Maybe tomorrow? Who sister finally drove over to Florence today and she called me when she got over the pass. She said it was the scariest drive she's ever done and thought that the knots in her back and shoulders would probably NEVER go away.
But she made it safely and will be unpacking her car and setting up her new temporary home, at least for the next 6 months or so.
We had a great visit while she was here shopping (nearby of course because we couldn't drive far because of the icy roads) but I had a great time helping her with the things she'll need for their new home. Surprisingly (o.k., not really!) I have almost enough 'stuff' for two homes so she is borrowing a lot of my extras to get she and her dh through until they decide where they'll put down their permanent roots.
I'm so happy that they have a place right now that they can fix up a bit and get ready for the holidays.
Stay warm out there!

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Annette said...

You guys really got slammed with the weather. We still have some snow and cold but changing over today and we will be back to the dreadful rain.....