Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Have I mentioned that my tastes run toward the eclectic?

While perusing a favorite haunt lately for a side table for my bed (yes, I found one!) this beauty caught my eye....the price was ridiculous in a good way. I purchased it.

Bonus pink silk inside...so pretty.

Unlike many of these victorian celluloid boxes, this one is remarkably unscathed.....lucky for me.

Another item I've always lusted over....an original Dandux canvas cart on wheels....so many possibilities. Dd and I went to one of our huge St. Vinnie's that we hadn't been to in a loooong time. They were lined up out front and I was determined to ask an employee if I could buy one of them. But wait, what's this I see? A price tag on each and every one of them? Surely my eyes deceive. But no, they each were priced at $29....but since they were yellow tags they were an additional 25% off!

Some had rips in the bottom but this one was in great shape except for the stains.....I think they're supposed to have those anyway, right? I'll do my best to clean them off and have no idea where I'll put this monster but I do love it so!
I'll figure it out.
It was a happy thrifting day!


Kathy said...

That celluloid box is perfection and, at the right price, too!! I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. I haven't been to St. Vinny in forever and should figure out where they moved to.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Would have loved to have found one of those carts as well..great score and decent price! Lucky!