Monday, March 17, 2014

Warning, this post is all over the place....kind of like my life!

Let's start with my pretty wallpaper lined trunk discovery....
can you believe I looked at it and left without it? Me either....but I did which means I just had to go back a few days later and buy it.

How do I love thee, let me count the ways.
Perfect size, not too big, not too small.
Gorgeous wood inlay giving it a victorian look (which it is).
Sigh, vintage wallpaper....SOLD. I'll take it and 10 rolls of that paper please! What, you don't have any more? Figures!

A gorgeous it. Small size, just right to cuddle up with.

Hey, it looks great in my new trunk!

Discovered this magazine the other utterly charming.

An antique ledger that I'm working on that will be in my shop soon.....with a decidedly 'French' flavor.


Rhonda said...

Once again you find the best!! And your French book looks amazing!!

Diane Jordan said...

Hi lovely lady.
This is my first time on your Beautiful Blog. I am your newest follower now. I can over from Penny's blog. I am hoping you will come join my tablescapes also. I am also hoping you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day with your family.

Kathy said...

Great score on the trunk! I have not seen that magazine and it looks interesting. Where did you find it??