Sunday, July 13, 2014

Where Bloggers creative happy place, warts and all~~~~

I so appreciate your peeking into my creative'll notice I did NOT clean it up because....well, ain't no one got time for that! And it's not because I don't love ya, it's just that I REALLY don't have the time to straighten it up at the moment and I REALLY wanted to please forgive my jumble, k?
This year there are a couple of changes, pieces have been sold and moved onto new happy homes, I've added some treasured dolls, etc.
Without further ado....some pics.

HomeGoods chicken wire them!

My huge wallpapered cabinet panel finally got hung up, whew!

Pretty new doll, found the umbrella in a separate store but think they belong together.....after all it does rain quite a bit in Oregon!

I took the doors off several of my upper cabinets for display and so I could easily find what I need.

My favorite dress form, an ebay find. The angel wings were found at St. Vinnies.........

A bookmark I made.

Another HomeGoods find. They usually have fabulous storage bins.

This was a very happy find for my studio this year, a huge floral case you didn't notice florals are my 'thing'. I love to surround myself with them! They make me happy, and unlike my garden I can't kill these flowers.
I adore my space, which is what it's all about, that and the inspiration that a space can give. I've loved seeing all of your gorgeous spaces so thank you for joining in and thank you to Karen of MyDesertCottage for hosting once again!


Kathy said...

Oh Gail, we must have been separated at birth because I love every single thing about your room. I am all about flowers and simply adore that carpet! Thank you so much for sharing the tour!

Bohemian said...

I see that we Collect and Cherish similar Treasures so I really Connected to your Happy Creative Space! And it's so True, I never have time to clean up... Thankfully for me this Party just happened to be at a Perfect Time when I had just Reclaimed my Studio after a long displacement and had just finished a Make-Over so it was still Presentable! *LOL* Thank you for Inviting us in to your Personal Haven... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Judys Fabrications said...

Your rooim is so cosy and inviting.Love all yopur collections.

Heather Maxwell said...

I love your beautiful stacks of vintage items! What a nice space!

Rhonda said...

I hear ya!! I almost killed myself cleaning up for this event. won't stay this way long. I have way too much and not enough time to create. Life's dilemmas, right?

I have always loved your space and wow, I wonder what it cost to have that Ebay dress from shipped? I never thought to look on Ebay.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Always so interesting to see different studio spaces and how they reflect the artist and their tastes. Thanks for the tour!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I guess I'm going to Home Goods to look for pretty storage, Gail! I think your space looks pretty good and not messy at all. My space is too small to really make much of a mess, so what I did have to straighten up was "I want to make this next" things that I tend to put down on the smaller table in my space.

Blessed Serendipity said...

One of my favorite things in your studio is your collection of wallpapered boxes. I love all your sweet dolls and laces and bits and bobs. There is so many lovely things to see.

xo Danielle

Jennifer LaVite said...

What wonderful vintage items you have! I love the chicken wire cubbies too. Thanks for sharing your creative space!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What a lovely tour! You have such sweet treasures and collections! Thanks for sharing! xo Holly

Romeo said...

Are you sure you didn't clean up?!?! Looks pretty organized and straightened to me! And being a cat, I'm kind of keen on that kind of thing. I mean really I'm down here kind of low, so I can see it all! Love your creative space!

Thanks for sharing!

Romeo and "her"

Karen Valentine said...

Gail, you dont need to clean up when your studio is full of so much yummy vintage goodness!! Thank you so much for joining the party!!!! I enjoyed my visit!

Annette said...

Great space. I especially love your hat boxes and other floral covered boxes.