Sunday, January 31, 2010

A peek at a long overdue makeover........

So, true to form, this is a makeover without the "before" pictures. Trust me, it was ugly! It had paisley curtains behind the ironwork so that you couldn't see what was inside the cabinet (which is fine I guess, if what's inside the cabinet is ugly!) But I decided I needed to show off my prettier china, crystal, and silver, so I took off the curtains and lined the brown, that's right, brown shelves with old sheet music to lighten the whole thing up.
Why it took me this long (15 years) to do it, only God knows for sure, but I know He forgives me...after all, I've had a few other more pressing priorities to deal with...but now every time I walk by my dining room hutch, I it was worth the time I put into it.
I LOVE putting my personal, and usually unusual "stamp" on my home.
What have you done lately to personalize your home? I love Pottery Barn, but I also love going into someone's home that shows they've really used their imagination to make it their own, don't you?
Thanks for checking in with me...........:), hope you have a great week!


Lori said...

love your new banner...that hat is so sweet...your makeover is gorgeous!!! what a stunning transformation:)

Trishia said...

Using the sheet music -- brilliant!!!

Colleen said...

I especially love the scallop trim. So sweet !