Monday, March 22, 2010

Sweet and shabby storage boxes........

admittedly they're a weakness of mine. I visited Melanie and we went to Monticello, I found the gorgeous box above, check out the original price tag, .49 at Mongomery Wards, egads! Wish that's all I had to pay for it...but it was worth the price because I get weak in the knees whenever I see these old boxes, this one has lots of fun little compartments inside to house all kinds of little things.The long wallpaper drawers were a Melanie find and she let me buy them instead! Generous, she is! They can either lay the way I have them or set upright in a skinny space, very versatile. I think I'll use it to house my special laces so I won't lose them.This next box was found at Colby Cottage right here in Eugene and it's an old stationary box. There were different embellishments on it when I bought it so I changed it so it's more to my taste. Again, lots of storage in this cute box.
The old clock case is something Melanie found for me when we went up to Battleground, WA. Found a cute store called "Uncovered Ruby", just a gem of a shop. We met the owner's Lisa and Sally, who were as sweet as they could be (they have a website as well with a blog). Great prices and we'll be back for sure!
Well, it's spring break and I'm at home with a sick dd :(. But we're making the best of it, hope you are too!


Lori said...

lucky you Gail...i love those old boxes...and i never find any here...the stack of drawers is really gorgeous!!!

My Shabby Passion said...

Hi Gail! I'm one of the vendors in Uncovered Ruby's. Thanks so much for visiting our shop in BG. The ballet shoes are still there. I bought those from an 80 yr. old lady, and she said they were her's when she was a young girl. I thought it was so sweet, she had kept them for so long, and was now ready to pass them on to someone else to love. p.s. love your blog!