Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awaiting Summer.........

Freshly cut from my garden.....

The fragrance is unbelievable! I don't have many roses, but the few I do must have a wonderful fragrance!
Otherwise, what's the point?
I remember when we first moved into this house about 16 years ago and I was craving a garden and plantings with all my favorite old-fashioned flowers, all of which must have heavenly fragrance. My dh knows my love for lilacs so he ordered a very large bunch for me from an upscale market here in town. When I received them I was so shocked and fragrance! How did they do that?
Oh well, it was the thought that counted and he was so sweet to indulge me...even without the fragrance!

Stay tuned my friends, tomorrow will be my big giveaway......
~pinky swear~

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