Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For the love of a book...........!

Some days are diamonds and this was definitely one! I hit thrifting gold today....nothing attracts me more than old antique books...like the one pictured above....it's in my Etsy shop right now and has every quality that I look for in an old book...leather, marbled pages, marbled endpapers, marbled covers.....did I mention that I love "marbled" in books. It also has a leather gold embossed spine and leather corners.......and it's title is ...
It's from 1858, the oldest book I've ever found, and if it doesn't sell..........ahhhhhhh! No worries...:).
Stay tuned for more info on my giveaway mentioned in my last post....it's coming up soon ~ promise!


Amy said...

oooh I am drooling Gail.
what a find.
I have never found a marble paged book in a thrift shop, lucky score for sure!!!

Rhonda said...

The angels sure lead you to the best finds, Gail. That book is wonderful.

ladychiara said...

That is definately absolute gold! I just adore vintage/antique books of this kind. Most of the books of today just won't last in the same way.
The old ones were a real work of art and such a sensual feast.