Monday, June 13, 2011

~Girl power~ and some great advice from my best friend

so sometimes collections can just happen without trying....these books about "girls" are one such collection for me....

I've had the top two books for a very long time, purchased for the subject matter and the graphics on the covers.....

I mean, seriously, who would have thought back in the 1800's of writing books like these for women...we surely didn't wield a lot of influence back then....but someone had the forethought to do so.
The third book "But yet a Woman" was found yesterday at the thrift....soooooo very perfect to go with the other two that I already own....and I happen to have a "thing" for daisies!

This old suitcase was another find yesterday.....and here comes the advice from my bff.....always open the suitcase to check out the inside!

Ummm, o.k., so glad I did!

It's filled with this gorgeous blue and white paper....makes me swoon!
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Amy said...

Awesome finds Gail.
Oh how I miss good thrifts!
that paper is crazy good!!!!
What a treat to open and find :)
Have a great day!

melanie said...

that BFF...she must be soooo smart ! :)
oh happy day for you shopping...
wanna come to my basement and shop?
love ya!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love your finds and excellent advice from your BFF!

Rhonda said...

I did a little thrifting myself today, I haven't been out in so long.

Great finds, Gail. If only I could go junkin' with you.

Vicki said...

Love those books and what a treat to find that gorgeous paper inside!

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Wonderful books. I would have bought them for the graphics too. And the suitcase is awesome.
Have a wonderful day
xo Tina