Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beach finds.......Part Two

Continuing on with my vacation/birthday beach finds, most courtesy of my fabulous MIL, MaryEllen. She gifts me with a gift certificate every year to Yankee Trader and it's just so much fun!
Chris owns Yankee Trader and it's a fantastic and huge antique store....needless to say I don't have any problems......ever....finding enough to buy in this beautiful store. Check out these gorgeous platters....did I need more? Of course not! Could I resist these?
Of course not! (double click to look close up).


Velvet hangers, couldn't resist.

Pretty old deck of cards....

This item is hard to explain...I'd never seen anything like it. At first I passed it over just thinking what a cool box with pretty graphics, etc. On second glance, after opening the box....oh my word!

A gorgeous booklet.....

Measuring items and charts....

A gorgeous soft doll that looks ancient and so beautiful

Two amazing old books, the blue one is Joan of Arc, the other has the most amazing drawings inside!
I didn't do a whole lot of shopping this trip, but when I did I was very fortunate.....this trip was more about spending family time at the beach and sight-seeing, which we did a lot of also....
when we were in Astoria for the second time this trip we happened to be there when a Coast Guard ship was returning home after 6 months on the coast of South America doing some drug containment was so cool to be there to see them re-uniting with their families.
What great work they do for our country!


Amy said...

I am in love with that soft doll
I bought a few back home and I am hooked on them
PS is it your bday? Happy Bday!!!

Kathy said...

oh such wonderful goodies.