Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pretty maids all in a row.....

If you saw this lot of beauties on ebay, would you bid on them?
For .99?

Well, I did, and obviously I won! Unbelievable! Now to be fair, they did all have that ugly gold hair that some people decided to paint on these cuties (what's up with that?) So I took out my nail polish remover and banished the gold!

Like a little girl, I can't stop playing with them! I know a lot of artists use these in their work, I just haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with them, other than probably clothe them somehow....maybe with some crepe paper or old lace.

This amazingly old wicker and leather sewing basket was at one of our local antique malls, I almost didn't open it because I knew it would cost more than I wanted to pay.....but that wasn't the case so off it came with me. It's my favorite one to date. The lid is all a marbled leather like the edges in this photo and also on the scissors holder on the lid that you see above. 

And the lining, well, just stunning!

How about these unusual items? My head whipped around so fast when I saw these I think I might need some physical therapy!

Hmmmm, photographic cards in weathered old boxes, this needs further still my heart!!! Have you ever?

Super thick matte photography boards, the type that they put old photos on waaaaaay back in the day. Perfect for so many paper projects, collages, journals, etc. etc.!

And I saved this for the last, because if I put her up as the first photo I know I'd lose a lot of you! She is the creepiest doll I've ever seen and I found her on Etsy. Her eyes open and close which just adds to the creep factor (that and the fact that when they do open and close there's an eerie sound also!) I kid you not! Go ahead and click on her picture to make her bigger, I double dare ya!!!!!!! She's guaranteed to give you nightmares tonight...
This doll will be front and center with some of my Halloween decorating this Fall. And yes, she came with the rhinestone "dance" pin already on her. I wrote to the seller asking her where she found this doll, if she knew any history on her, etc. and haven't heard back from her.....she's probably just so thankful to be rid of her! And I adore her......different strokes and all that.
Whew, long winded today, hope you all have a great rest of the week! It's cool here today, about 71 degrees, and I'm in Heaven..:).


Vintage Market Place said...

oh Gail these are amazing!!!
I love them and I found one this summer that had the hairbow hole in her bisque head.
Love your find on etsy as you know.
you will have so much fun decorating her for halloween.
Just don't scare your family too much, lol
I am so jealous over your weather, ugh I wish I wish

Ronda L said...

I have an idea. Since they don't have arms and their armholes are open - why don't you string them with other goodies in between and make a doll garland? That would be so cute. String them on cording or gimp. Too sweet.

What do you think?

melanie said...

OMG...I was soooo happy til I hit that last really know how to scare a girl...
love your finds...well, not so much the last one...
please, please...when I spend the night could you hide her???

Gail said...

What a great idea!!! How cute would that be? Thanks for the creative mind that you have!!!!

Gail said...

And Mel,
Don't be surprised to pull your covers back (that is if you ever spend the night here again after seeing this doll) and find her waiting to bid you a good night!

kana said...

I am loving your cute dollies and at an awesome price! Your sewing basket is also wonderful. Now about your acute case of whiplash, I am a physical therapist and more than happy to barter with you! Ha!

Tina @ TinyBear said...

OH MY - what a score Gail. I love EVERYTHING. Great deal wioth those little dolls. Love the basket, and the creepy dolls (she´s perfect) and those photography boards - what can I say, sign....
Have a wonderful day

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Gail, your so called spooky girl? I LOVE HER!!! You did so good girl! I love the armless angels and love what you did with their hair. Oh and the sewing box and photo mats....I adore them! Love it all, and don't worry one little bit, we "get" you! hugs and love, Dawn